Updated on February 20, 2023

E-Legal AI Revolutionizes Legal Documents: Simplifying legalese with AI

New Tool Simplifies ANY Legal Document, from Settlements to Rental Agreements, Lawsuits, and More

MIAMI, April 11, 2023 – E-Legal, a groundbreaking new tool powered by artificial intelligence, launched today to help people understand legal documents before signing them. Every day, millions of Americans are presented with legally binding agreements they do not understand yet are encouraged to sign. While some agreements are harmless, others, such as real estate purchases, employment agreements, and severance agreements, can have significant impacts. E-Legal utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze legal documents and translate their legalese into simple language quickly and accurately.

“Everyone should understand what they are signing,” said Tam Danier, founder of E-Legal AI. “Every adult has a legally binding signature. That’s meaningful. E-Legal AI is for everybody who needs to understand what they are signing. Right now, the people who need this the most are laid-off employees. They are legally bound by their employment agreements and their severance agreements if they receive one. They need to understand what they’re signing.”

E-Legal AI analyzes complex contracts and translates legal jargon, simplifying complicated legal language into straightforward sentences that elementary-aged kids can understand. AI makes this possible, leveling the playing field. “It's a great equalizer”, says Tam. Users can quickly identify potential issues or areas of concern, including ambiguous language and discrepancies because E-Legal AI provides a more natural and reader-friendly transcription.

Users can safely and securely upload a contract or other legal document to E-Legal AI. The tool quickly analyzes the verbiage and returns a detailed but concise translation in straightforward language.

To learn more about E-Legal, visit www.e-legal.ai.


E-Legal AI is an innovative tool that simplifies legal jargon and makes contracts easy to understand. E-Legal’s AI Technology simplifies legal jargon, so you can understand the terms clearly before signing, saving time and money and reducing the risk of legal disputes.